Flower Field

West Union Gardens Flower Field Photography

Individuals, Families, and Photographers love our sunflower and zinnia fields! The zinnias begin to bloom in the u-cut field about mid-July, and the sunflower patch typically blooms in early August. To help maintain social distancing we are requiring tickets this year and are limiting the number of tickets available for each day. Find the Online Ordering button on this page to get started.

Individual Tickets: Good for one person for one day
Group Tickets: Good for up to 8 people for one day
Individual Season Pass: Good for one person for the whole season

During regular hours, tickets can be purchased in the farmstand or online but all after hours photography (including Sundays) must purchase an online ticket and be prepared to show proof of purchase. You will need to purchase a new ticket for each day that you visit.

General Policies:

  • Please be courteous and polite to all visitors and maintain at least 6 ft of physical distance between yourself and other groups.
  • Please respect the natural environment and the crops we are growing and use caution around uneven terrain.
  • Please supervise children at all times.
  • Pets are allowed in the Sunflower field only with direct supervision and cleanup. Due to Dept. of Agriculture regulations we cannot allow animals in the u-pick area (including the upick flowers).
  • Flowers are available for purchase at the farmstand, please pay for any flowers picked.
  • Please take your trash home with you. 😊

Nitty Gritty:

  • All photos should be family friendly in nature.
  • The use of drones is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not enter any of the areas marked No Access, Do Not Enter, areas with working farm equipment, or animal pens. This includes the house and neighboring fields.
  • We reserve the right to halt any photography sessions deemed to be disruptive or inappropriate.
  • We assume no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings.
  • Any un-ticketed portrait/commercial photography sessions will be asked to leave.

Social Media Use:

  • All photos shall be identified as being photographed at West Union Gardens.
  • Any online photo galleries or images shall have a link to our website: www.westuniongardens.com
  • If photos are posted online or on social media sites use tag @westuniongardens.