Frequently Asked Questions

What are your open hours?

During the months of June through August we are open from 8 to 8 on Monday through Saturday. In September we are open from 9 to 5 Monday through Saturday. The pumpkin patch is open on weekends in October - please call for hours and information.

When does the season usually start and end?

Our berry season usually begins with raspberries and tayberries in mid- to late June. September brings tomatoes, peppers, grapes and fall raspberries. October is pumpkin time! From November until the following summer we are closed for the season.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Master Card, Visa and Discover, as well as your cash or checks.

Do you provide containers for picking?

Clean containers will be provided for you to purchase. If you bring your own take-home containers, we will ask you to leave them in your car while you borrow one of our sanitized buckets, and then after paying transfer the harvest to your own containers. You may use West Union Gardens buckets that you have purchased in prior visits. (They will have a WUG sticker.)

May we bring the dog?

Please leave your dog at home. Animals are not allowed in agricultural fields. A service dog will be allowed only as far as the path that leads to the berry rows, but will not be allowed to go down the berry rows.

Are you an organic farm?

We are not an organic farm, although we are not what many think of as a "conventional" farm either. We don't like strong chemicals where we live, work, and eat. You can read more about our farming philosophy on the "About Us" page, and feel free to ask us your specific questions.