Our Crops

We specialize in berries! The dates for a typical season are given here; please visit our homepage or call for current information.

This year, like 2015, is completely different - most everything is 2 to 3 weeks early, and will pass their peak early as well.

Raspberries ~ Late June through September
Several varieties, including huge red raspberries, a wonderful golden raspberry, and late varieties that ripen well past summer.

Tayberries ~ Late June to mid July
A raspberry/blackberry cross from Scotland, with a mellow flavor that is wonderful for jam.

Loganberries ~ Late June to mid July
Another raspberry/blackberry cross, but with a tarter flavor. Great for jam or pies.

Silvan Blackberries ~ Late June to mid July
Big, juicy, rich flavor, very similar to marionberries.

Gooseberries ~ July
Tart, green or pink berries used for jam or pies.

Currants ~ July
Red, black, white varieties. Tart little berries, often juiced for jellies.

Marionberries ~ Mid July
A favorite blackberry variety, with intense floral aroma when picked perfectly ripe. Short season!

Boysenberries ~ Mid July
A big, tasty blackberry cousin.

Waldo Blackberries - not available in 2015
A thornless variety with a deep, rich flavor. Very small seeds for a blackberry. Great for jam or cobbler.

Triple Crown Blackberries ~ Mid July to early August
Large, firm fruit with a lovely sweet flavor. Thornless. Mid-July to early August.

Chester Blackberries ~ August & September
Another thornless variety, producing abundantly over a long season. Flavor is similar to wild blackberries.

We also raise several veggies, which we harvest for you (no u-pick). These are some of our stand-bys.

Rhubarb ~ June to early July
Zucchini ~ Late June to August
Green Beans ~ July & August
Pickling Cucumbers ~ Mid July through early September
Garlic ~ Late July through September
Melons ~ August & September
Tomatoes (also available u-pick) ~ Late August through September

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