Welcome to West Union Gardens

West Union Gardens is a family farm near Hillsboro, Oregon, which is open to the public during Oregon's bountiful berry season. We raise dozens of varieties of berries for u-pickers and for sale already picked in our farm stand.

Thursday's update

September hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Saturday. Closed on Sundays.

For u-picking today, wear your mud shoes! Table grapes, tomatoes (romas & slicers), peppers (sweet gypsy, jalapenos, anaheims), eggplants, and flowers. The weather has been hard on the fall raspberries, and the field looks like October already - you will need to pick carefully and use or freeze them immediately.

Please bring containers for your picking if possible, and please leave your pets at home.

In the farmstand: Tomatoes (romas, slicers & cherry tomatoes), Italian prune-plums, Asian pears, sweet and cooking onions, shallots & garlic, plus some fall ornamentals.

Coming up: Our pumpkin patch will be open on Saturdays and Sundays in October! It will be very simple, a chance for you to get outside and collect your fall decorations.

For information on the Cornelius Pass Road closure, see this page. Access to our farm is NOT blocked!

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19 September 2019