Welcome to West Union Gardens

West Union Gardens is a family farm near Hillsboro, Oregon, which is open to the public during Oregon's bountiful berry season. We raise dozens of varieties of berries for u-pickers and for sale already picked in our farm stand.

Thursday's update

Open 8am to 8pm, Monday-Saturday, closed on Sundays.

It is a transition week for berries here. For u-picking:

  • Marionberries are available for picking today, but they are past peak season, won't last much longer.
  • Boysenberries are still available, but winding down for the season.
  • Raspberries are becoming more scarce now, slow picking. We will have "fall" raspberries beginning in late August.
  • Currants (red, black, and white varieties) are still plentiful, as well as the Wild Treasure blackberries.
  • Waldo thornless blackberries are closed for a couple of days to ripen. More are coming.
  • Blueberries are just beginning here. A very small section is open for picking today. Always check before you head out for blueberries, because there are days when none are available!
  • Silvan blackberries, loganberries and gooseberries are almost gone for the season.

Triple Crown blackberries coming up late in the month.

Ready-picked berries are not available at this point in the season. There will be more when the late-season blackberries begin.

In the farmstand: Green beans, onions, garlic, zucchini & summer squash, pickling cucumbers & dill. Please give us a call to order cukes and canning quantities of beans.

For information on the Cornelius Pass Road closure (start date delayed until July 21), see this page. Access to our farm is not blocked.

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18 July 2019