Welcome to West Union Gardens

West Union Gardens is a family farm near Hillsboro, Oregon, which is open to the public during Oregon's bountiful berry season. We raise dozens of varieties of berries for u-pickers and for sale already picked in our farm stand.

Tuesday's update - getting into a new season!

The early summer berries are winding down, pushed along by the warmer days. But more good things are getting going!

The "Chandler" blueberries are ready for u-picking! They are big and plentiful. You can also pick 4 kinds of blackberries: Silvans & Marions (winding down), Waldos & Wild Treasure (both thornless, good picking). There is still a good amount of gooseberries, and red, white & black currants. Boysenberries, tayberries and loganberries are almost gone. Raspberries will be slow going for a while, until the late/fall raspberries come ready in a few more weeks.

In our farmstand today we will have some ready-picked Silvan blackberries, and possibly another surprise. There is a great supply of green beans today, plus rhubarb, garlic, onions, zucchini, and we have harvested the first of our pickling cucumbers! Call if you want to reserve any ready-picked items.

Coming up soon: Triple Crown thornless blackberries

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17 July 2018